Trouble with Aastra 57i

I have a new setup running FreePBX 12 on Centos 6.5. I can’t seem to get my Aastra 57i phone to register - it simply displays No Service. I do not have any other phones on the system yet.

I have set up a new PJSIP extension “123” in FreePBX and given a password. I then set my Aastra Global SIP settings “Screen Name”, “Phone Number”, and “Authentication Name” to “123”, enter the password I created when setting up the FreePBX extension, and put in my server’s IP address for “Proxy Server” and “Registrar Server”.

When logged into the Aastra control panel I see the following under SIP Status for all 4 lines:

SIP Account: [email protected] (correct server ip)
Status: 408
Backup Registrar Used: No

Any ideas? I have tried resetting phone to factory defaults and creating a new extension.

For some reason my system was not bound to port 5060. Restarting asterisk fixed it and now I’m good to go. Thanks to IRC user tm1000.