Trouble connecting a remote VOIP phone over point-to-point IPSEC VPN tunnel

FreePBX version Trying to connect a remote VOIP phone to PBX using CHAN_SIP configured extension going over IPSEC VPN tunnel between two Synology RT6600AX routers with point-to-point tunnels between them. Phone registers and can make and receive calls OK. But no voice can be heard in either direction, just dead space when talking or listening. Are there any configurations I am missing on the extension or other modules of FreePBX that would allow for the voice to be heard?

Thank you for your assistance on this.

Most often this is the case if you don’t have the correct LAN subnets specified under the Asterisk SIP settings page.

You’ll need both your local and remote LAN listed and possibly asterisk restarted after you make the change.

Thank you very much for replying. You are 100% correct and your suggestion has resolved my issue.

Much appreciated!

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