Trixbox VOIP server intergration with Vtiger CRM

Hi everyone.

I have deployed Trixbox VOIP server to setup PBX for internal and external office use. I am looking for procedure guidelines to integrate Trixbox with VtigerCRM. Can anyone help in this regard or suggest better method to do the desire.

I am not sure how you accomplished this. I am also not sure whether to congratulate or give condolences. Long story short trixbox hasn’t been a thing for over a decade and should by no means be used for anything.

I would recommend starting over with something like the FreePBX Distro or even PBX in a flash IncrediblePBX.

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Does FreePBX Distro supports integration with Vtiger CRM? further which IP desktop phone app works best with FreePBX Distro?

Their docs seem to indicate they don’t support anything beyond 11. There is no way to know if that is simply where they stopped testing or if it simply doesn’t work. It is worth a try, perhaps it can be made to work. In any case there will probably be work involved.

There is a commercial module that has support for several CRM’s but vtiger is not on the list. If you are just kicking off and aren’t overly invested in vtiger it may be worth a look.

Note FreePBX (Asterisk) supports any desktop app that speaks SIP. There is also a softphone made by Sangoma that is a commercial add on as well.

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