Trixbox Inbound route to Trunk

hi there;
I am currently using Trixbox as my PBX.
I am planning to integrate it with my Microsoft lync2013.
When I’m defining inbound route, I cannot find anywhere to choose Trunk as it’s destination.
can you please help me in this case?
Thank you

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First of all, the trixbox distro is dead and is unsupported. It uses a forked FreePbx distro that doesn’t conform to the official FreePbx release, so I would strongly suggest that you convert to an official release. Just bear in mind that any answers you get here will likely be based on supported releases of FreePBX and may or may not work on TB. That being said, what are you trying to accomplish, ie, what will the end result be?

HMMM! I just read over that last answer and I have begun to sound like a government bureaucrat writing a disclaimer. OH…I am a govt. Bureaucrat.


He wants to use it as a Lync gateway.

I am not politically correct. trixbox project was abandoned. They stole our code, put their names on it, abandoned the community and tarnished the projects name.

Fonality sucks.

hi there;
ok, so if I need any support, I have to change my version to FreePBX.
how can I do that without loosing my current configurations?