Trixbox: how to modify from-internal-custom

Hello everybody,

we have installed trixbox and we are trying to understand how it works.

We have created two extensions, which belongs to two IAX clients installed in two PCs.
Both extensions have “from-internal” as context.

Then we have created an “Incoming route” to transfer all the calls to one of the extensions (for example extension 2002).

Then we have modified the context “from-internal-custom” adding this line:

ext => s,1,Answer

We expects that when we call, the call is automatically answered, but it isn’t… The IAX client continues to “ring”…

I’ve also tried with

ext => 2002,1,Answer

but it doesn’t work…

Anyone could help me?

P.S.: I specify that when I call, I call from an external phone, and I call the office’s number. The call is transfered to my IAX client, but the modify I0’vedone doesn’t work…

if you want to learn about scripting (always a good thing so that you understand the dialplan) take a look at Asterisk: The Future of Telephony 2nd Edition (ISBN 0-596-51048-9) — Order yours at — Downloadable PDF

That will explain the commands and the meaning of s in the dialplan (see chapter 5).

The quickest way to get up to speed on trixbox is to search the web for “trixbox without tears” and get the version that matches your build. (If they still have not done a 2.6 version use the 2.4 version).

Hello fskrotzki, and thanks for the links!

But the meaning of ‘s’ isn’t too clear for me…

Could you please explain me? If I use s all the calls are passed to this extension?

The meaning of s is stated clearly on page 125 in the PDF.

You probably want instructions on trixbox and here are two that I can point you to. As most of the scripting is already done and that’s what the FreePBX interface is for. So mucking around in the code is not something you want to do generally unless you are doing something in the custom files…

So try and