Trixbox CE

I am hoping someone can help me with a problem on my Trixbox CE installation. A power failure in the neighbourhood the other day caused one of the RAID drive to fail. Now there is large file (~100GB) in /var/spool/mail directory named root. It is making my drive usage over 80%. Can anyone tell me what this file is about and if I can delete it safely.

Many thanks

It is the root users mail file. If there is no mail in it you need you can delete it.


cP /dev/null /var/spool/mail/root

That’s probably all of the message pertaining to the failure and rebuild of the failed drive. If everything is working OK, then you can do as Alan says. If everything is not working OK there may be information on the failure that could be of use…but who wants to go through 100 G of email???

Also, just wanted to make sure you are aware of the caveats concerning TrixBox CE.


Not to dump on Trixbox, it was/is a great program, used it for a good number of years but…moving to FreePBX is not a bad idea. We made the jump a month or two after toying with it for the last year on and off.

Took a tad to get used to but runs like a champ, was worth the effort.

To absolutely dump on Trixbox, they stole FreePBX and lied to everyone, then abandoned all their users without support or remorse. There are few here who can help you apart from suggesting a complete re-install.

But a failure in your raid will never cause such a situation, look deeper, if it is full of sh$t delete it. Just bite the bullet and realize you got screwed by trixbox.

Good Luck

Most people don’t realize that trixbox is an old version of FreePBX painted green.

Thanks to all who responded and so quickly. This helps some. The problem is that this box has no mail server or any other mail program; so who are these messages for/from. Also, I have not yet re-build the raid yet. Total data on the volume other than this file is about 3GB; I rather not have to sync such a large file. I am a novice as far as linux/asterisk goes. How can I look at the messages in this file keeping in mind that it is over 100 GB in size?

Thanks again.

Actually it does have a “mail program” but in your case, you neither have ever read the mail, nor, expect mail, then just delete that file, it will be full of messages from asterisk and root to root and other maintainace messages.

But it is a text file so you can use cat or less from bash to peruse to satisfy yourself, any binaries will be mime encoded and perhaps there is a dump of something but that will be useless to you.

You can use the command line program mail. Here is the documentation: