Trixbox CE on centos 5.5


i am facing issue with trixbox and my zyxel nbg4604 router. when i power on trixbox system router keeps rebooting itself every 3 mins. if i changed the gateway ip from trixbox router works normally. i am new to trixbox and voip system. i want to know from where i can get detailed log fro trixbox. and what else i should check to resolve this issue.

Harrypatel11 first of all welcome to FreePBX Community Forums, then please consider that you’re asking help about a system that is EOL End Of Life…or, better, definitely abandoned (read just the first post here, not the all thread).

Do yourself a favour and help us to help you efficently: if you’re new to VoIP systems and IP-PBX world consider to start with an IP-PBX system that is actively developed, often updated, community and commercially supported, open, with modular features and with a strong community of users and developers just behind.

That’s not Trixbox CE (read also here).

Also, keep in mind that granting system’s security continuously is an important matter too…so start relying on a VoIP system that is based on old CentOS 5.5 should be avoided! you should select a IP-PBX system mantained by developers that care about its security and efficiency.

IMHO you should give FreePBX Distro 5.211.65 (Stable) a try instead of starting with/using Trixbox CE (start reading the FreePBX Wiki here).

At the same time you should try to define (and clarify yourself first) exactly what will be your network environment/topology and in which way you want your devices should interact with (e.g. your default Gateway/Router IP addressing, your FreePBX Distro system IP addressing, etc…in order to not create Addressing conflicts between devices). Consider that above advices are valid both if you’re just building a test system to play with or if you’re try to building a production system that would go live.

Paranassus first of all thanks for your reply. i am working for this customer from last 2 days. as per my communication with customer (there is no IT person available) trixbox system was working fine before for three years. they have switched ISP removed old netgear router and installed new zyxel router 15 days back. since then this system not working. nothing found unusual in trixbox or grandstream GXW4108 or zyxel router’s configuration.

Could be something related to IP Addressing or (double) enabled DHCP Service on the new Router…if IP Addressing isn’t changed internally (on all devices that belong to the customer Subnet, I mean) I think the issue could be tracked down to DHCP Service…did you check that one?

I have seen some routers crap them selves on voip traffic. I had a netgear that would lock up when I connected a sip phone. I would make sure the router has the most up to date firmware. Then I would start going through all the setting pages and look for anything that may trip you up. Also google your router model + voip

Really nobody knows his system configuration (maybe his system hasn’t any SIP Trunk through that ZyXel Router), so in the end who knows what could be the cause of his issue?

AFAIK ZyXel released the latest Firmware for the NBG4604 during 2012, here is the list. Good luck!