Trixbox 2.8 migration to FreePBX

I’ve some old Trixbox installation.
Is there possible to migrate this, old, server to latest FreePBX version without loose configuration, extensions, IVR, etc…?
Thanks in advance

The conversion tool

There’s a few things that are not being copied over, see this post to manually copy the rest of the config

The conversion tool @PitzKey linked above is designed to work with 2.9+ so try it, but expect it to fail. If the trix pbx has the backup and restore module, I think your best chance of success is to restore a backup on a new 15 install.

I just want to add, I was able to convert two old 2.8 Trixbox’s last year but dropping into the FreePBX admin GUI and doing a module update. It updated the box to 2.9 and I was able to use the conversion tool.

I’ll just say, while it did work last year I can’t guarantee it will still work but it is worth a try.

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