Trix 1.0-2.2 queues do not distribute calls correctly

I am having major problems with queues in all the versions of trixbox. I have 3 call centers that I am using asterisk@home 2.8 and it works great, the queue is perfect and works like a charm, calls are distributed as soon as there is an available agent. But I would like to upgrade these boxes to a new version of trixbox, but I did upgrade one of my rooms to 2.2 b3 and it seemed to work fine for a while but we only had 3 agents on the phone. Now we filled the room and we have 10 people on the phone and calls just sit in queue when there are plenty of available agents. Why does this not work? I don’t understand how a year old version of the queue is better and more efficient than the latest one. Does anyone else have this problem and were you able to fix it?

I started a thread over at trixbox forums too.