Tricky scenario problem with a gateway

Hi Everyone!

I have a call scenario it dos not work with FreePBX, against it work with other SIP Proxy, but a would love Asterisk. :slight_smile:

Maybe it shouldn’t sophisticated just our knowledge is so gappy…


Two extension working on FreePBX: 1001, 1002
It can call each other properly

There ore one SIP trunk defined for outbound and inbound call, with working outbound rule.

There are another SIP box as gateway.

I send a call to gateway from 1001 extension, but the target extension is 1002.
Gateway receive the call, sense target extension (1002), and send the call bank to FreePBX with this uri.
[email protected]:5060.

But FreePBX dos not ring the 1002 extension!!!
It sense the call as unauthorized.

(If call to FreePBX trunk from gateway with 1002 target number, with a NON defined caller extension number – I mean FreePBX dos not know as one of its registered- extension 1002 can ring and talk)

I tried to make some inbound setting on trunk, but I afraid it was off chance.

Can anybody suggest some direction of proper FreePBX configuration settings?

Thanks is advance!

(I hope it was understandably, sorry for my English)

Do not use type=friend with your “extensions”, use type=peer.

More info: