Treatment of calls when Time conditions change


Relatively simple query here. If a caller calls in just before a time condition changes what happens to the call?

So, for example at 5.50pm a caller makes a call to a call centre and gets put in a queue, the call is not answered because it’s busy so they wait…but at 6pm the call centre shuts and the time condition changes so that any calls from 6pm get terminated with an OOH message. What happens to the call? Is it also terminated or stays waiting in the queue or…?

Thanks in advance.


The call already passed the time conditions so nothing happens to it.

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So it stays in the queue and ultimately ends up in the Failover destination?

If that is what you programmed. The time condition only “looks” as the call passes through it. Once the call has moved beyond that step, the time condition no longer impacts the call in anyway.

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