Trasferring calls to cell phones

Guys, is it possible to transfer a call to a cell phone. I’m trying to set up a system where the operator can transfer calls to the sales people out in the field. If call comes in, can she transfer to the sales person’s extension and would the follow me feature work? Thanks

If you transfer to the extension, it will forward to the cell phone if follow-me is enabled that way. The operator can also transfer directly to the cell phone number, but using follow-me may be easier.

Perfect. So the user could have the Follow me enabled if they’re out on the field, otherwise it would just forward to their extension normally?.. TY

It’s customizable. You could have the extension and the cell phone ring at the same time, or you could disable/enable the feature at will depending on if they at their desk or not.

O.K. obviously the call would need to be picked up by voip phone?.. Or can it be forwarded by a cell phone too?.

Well normally you don’t have a “Transfer” option when you’re on a call on your cell phone. You would likely have to use a softphone for that, which is essentially the same as answering it at your desk.

O.K. Well, the receptionist’s desk has a voip phone, but thank you for your input. A softphone will do the job too. Thanks again.

Or let it ring the extension for a few seconds before also ringing the cell phone. Don’t forget to increase the ‘ring time’ setting as well when dialing outside numbers as the default value is quite low.

O.K. where do I set up that up on, the extension number?..

Sangoma Connect for each extension. Transfer call to whatever extension and both their desk phone and Sangoma Connect softphone on their cell rings…they can answer it on either their desk phone or cell phone…don’t want to have your cell phone ring anymore and just your desk phone, enable DND in Sangoma Connect on your cell…our clients LOVE Sangoma connect.

We use FMFM as well with call announce. Works great so you know the call is come from office.

Another thought, if you answer on a mobile phone through FollowMe, you can use DTMF transfer.

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