Translation problem!

Hi guys, I’ve successfully installed freePBX 2.2.1 on a Debian-etch machine.
I have installed also a IT locale for enabling the Italian strings but it doesn’t work…where is the problem?

Thanks in advance,

I have some problems with translation too.

I applied this modification in the code, then altered some default values off cookies that control the language in freepbx. I also note that some words are not in the proper sintaxe to translation: its is necessary that they look like "echo _(“word to be translated”), not only “word to be translated”.

Sorry for my english

if you find words that are not in the proper format for translation, please file a bug against these so that we can go into the code and change them. These types of changes are quick and present no risk - we try to get to them when we see them come up. (and if there are ones alreayd filed but not acted on - you are welcome to bring them to our attention as well - they may just have been missed).