Translating 7 to 11 digit dialing with different default area codes for different extension possible in 2.8?

Like the subject says, I’m wondering if there’s any easy way to assign a different “default” area code to seven-digit dialed calls from different extensions that are physically located in different area codes, which means the prepended area code should be different. I know there was not in earlier versions but again this was something I had thought I had read was now possible in 2.8 (or maybe coming in 2.9?), though I may be mistaken.

I’m aware it could probably be done with the custom contexts module, but was hoping not to have use that, because it’s a little complicated to use for such a simple task. I’m also aware that some phones or adapters let you put it in the dial plan, but once those are out of your hands it’s kind of hard to go back and change them. Is there a simpler way?

Hey, that works great! Thanks.

yup - one of the reasons for all the changes in 2.8 with outbound routes was to implement new features, like this prepend…

glad it worked.


just use the CID Field (which is actually the extension number) and different prepends.

303 + NXXXXXX / 45XX
212 + NXXXXXX / 42XX

Doing the above in routes would prepend 303 to all extensions 4500-4599 and 212 for all extensions 4200-4299, as an example. Note the prefix field is left blank (Unless you want them to have to dial an access code).