Transition from old Asterisk installation to FreePBX

Hello to everybody!

Actual configuration: Call Center; Dell server with Asterisk 1.4.21; Digium primary ISDN for inbound calls + SIP trunk for inbound calls coming from other countries; There are different queues for local inbound calls and foreign inbound calls. Agents receive calls from both sources in order defined in conf files. Agents working from home using SIP client (XLite). Agent logs to server (sip account settings) using defined extension and password. After that, Agent dials his Agent ID (046 for example) followed by #. Message prompts agent to insert Agent password. From this moment, Agent is logged in the Que and is on hold (music). When call arrives, Agent hears short beep signal and starts talking to the client. Agents can transfer calls to other Agents logged to server on client request during call. Local calls arriving on ISDN are limited to 600 seconds, calls coming from SIP trunk have no limits on duration.

Reading posts and wondering around GUI I understand that I need to setup dynamic agents on different queues. Anyway, I can see that procedures are quite different.

Is there some easy way to “translate” old conf files (agents.conf, extensions.conf, queues.conf and sip.conf) to the new configuration (completely new hardware, same Digium ISDN card, 64-bit CentOS with Asterisk ver. 10.12.2 and FreePBX obviously), in way that Agents don’t have to change log-in procedures?

If transition is not so easy, can somebody PLEASE give me a directions and steps that have to be made to make everything work as in actual configuration.

Thanks for every reply!!!

Welcome, since we don’t know what you did nobody an give you “steps”. We have a simple and powerful Queue module that you can configure to match and possibly enhance you current processes.

I suggest you install our distro on an unused computer or in a virtual machine, register some phones to them and get start learning the system.

We have comprehensive module documentation in the wiki.

Also our “app” store has powerful Queue enhancements including a status board, reporting and virtual queues modules available for a low add on cost.

Lastly as far as the codes, I am sure ours will be different however you can map your current codes to the new codes using our misc. destinations module.