Transferring calls doesn't show original caller id

We recently installed this system with all the cisco phones and are in the process of fine tuning some of the features and fixing the bugs.

One of the thing we noticed was when we transfer an incoming calls to a different extension, it doesn’t carry forward the caller id of the original call but shows the caller id of the transferring person. This creates an issue and it used to work no problem with our old system. Many times our customer service will get calls and transfer to our sales people and then the sales people will think its an internal call but actually its an outside customer calling.

Is there a way you can transfer the caller id, when you transfer a call.

Is this a phone setup or pbx setup ?

We are using Cisco spa504g phones.

Please advise. Thank you.

Go into Advanced Settings and change SIP trustrpid and SIP sendrpid to yes.

Is this in the cisco phone settings or pbx settings ? I looked under both and cannot find it unless I am missing something.

It is in the PBX setting. What version of FreePBX are you running? Is it a Distro or installed by hand?

We are using version 2.8.1. This is what it says at the footer.

FreePBX 2.8.1 is licensed under GPL

I am not sure if it is distro or not ? How would I find that ?

Also I read another post which mentioned about similar issue and they mentioned its under each extension and device options, there will be SIP trustrpid and SIP sendrpid settings but I don’t see under our version.

Also is the advanced setting under extensions or is it on the main page ?

What is interesting is why you state “We recently installed this system” and yet you got FreePBX 2.8.1, that is nearly three years old. Please expound. .

My guess is that you are using Elastix, be aware that Elastix have eschewed FreePBX and decided to fork it up all on their own, so it would be unreasonable of you to expect support here at the real FreePBX where FreePBX 2.9 and above are still not “end of life” and anyone using 2.8 would be advised to update to 2.9 or later.

Never though to check this, was thinking that I needed to use connectedline() an have not had time to look at that…

When setting the SIP trustpid & sendrpid do you set it on the the sending extensions, the receiving extension or do you have to set it on both ?