Transferring calls broken since last upgrade 5/29/14

Hey all just wondering if anyone else has experienced this since upgrading core to version last week.
It was brought to my attention that from a Digium D40 phone that the way this users was transferring calls no longer works, the call just simply goes quiet on the receiving end, and the caller is left in limbo listening to our hold music indefinitely…

The method used was to hit the transfer button, dial the 4-digit internal extension, and then hit the transfer button again. This seems to have stopped working since the upgrade.

Now, to transfer a call my users need to do the following:
When on a call hit the transfer button, select the extension they would like to transfer to from the “Contacts” list on the phone’s display, and the use the “check-mark” button on the phone, which then connects the transfer’er to the transfer’ee and gives them the opportunity to announce “I am transferring a call to you”, and then hang-up their handset, which then finally transfers the call.

Does this sound right? I don’t actually use the phone system much, I just support a small group that does phone support for our SaaS product. They claim that this is causing issues, and have requested that it be fixed.


The line of code that change in core was 1 line and it was adding a noop trace. I really doubt it’s something to do with core but something else wrong with your system

If its not the core upgrade, it must have been another recent update so I’ll go through my logs. Something definitely changed recently though.
In the meantime can you possibly point me to some documentation on transferring calls so I know the proper/preferred method. Like I said we’re using the latest updated version of FreePBX, with Digium D40s running latest firmware 1.4.2

1.4.2 just came out in the last couple days. I bet that is your issue.

I’ll try reverting the firmware back and see if that helps the situation.
Should I report this as a bug somewhere?