Transferred calls go to wrong voicemail

I did see anything related to this why searching…

Here is the senario -

Bob calls the office, hits an IVR and direct enters ext 1000
Jon picks up at ext 1000 - talks to Bob and determine bob needs to talk to Bill at ext 1001, so
Jon transfers Bob to ext 1001
Bill is not at his desk so the phone rings and goes to voicemail, the thing is it goes to Jons voicemail at ext 1000 and not to Bill’s Voicemail

this is a trixbox ce system with FreePBX

The extensions have the caller screening option enabled - a feature that was added in FreePBX 2.5
This only happens on extensions with this enabled - therefore I believe the cause is related to that.

It happens regardless if you use the transfer button on the phone (GXP2000) or ##
Doesn’t happen when you transfer directly to voicemail (*1000)

It was just brought to my attention the other day so I am not sure when it started happening