Transfer with abnormal behavior [SOLVED]

Transfer with abnormal behavior

I have a system with freepbx that does a strange thing about transfers: “Call Forward All Activate * 72”

In practice, if an extension calls the extension that is being transferred, everything works but if the call comes from an external trunk, the transfer takes place but the communication is not heard.

The switchboard is in the cloud and between the cloud and the customer network there is a vpn, NAT problems I never had …
But above all, according to the client, the problem is not present on all extension but only on some

Very common symptom of NAT misconfiguration. You need to port forward the entire RTP range at the router/firewall to the PBX.

Thanks for the indication, let’s try to work on the concept, the PBX is connected in public without any nat, the phones are in VPN with the PBX.
The call enters the switchboard and shouldn’t it affect the extension?
Or do they think badly?
If they think well then what does NAT have to do with it?

To dispel any doubts about NAT I turned off the phones of the extensions that have to transfer, in practice now there is only a FreePBX switchboard in the cloud without a router without NAT the confersation does not take place.
Does anyone have suggestions?

Found the problem!
Read the final part of this post:

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