Transfer to Voicemail using * + the extension number

I need to change my system so when I call extension I get voice intercom.
I’m using Sangoma phones and the customer wants to press the DSS button to voice intercom that phone.

I tried to prefix *80 and this worked until I figured out that now I can’t change the mode using the DSS button I programmed. So using the prefix option it out of the question.

I can’t press *80 and the DSS key. This just causes the phone to dial the DSS key settings.
I can’t press a DSS key with *80 as the value and then the DSS for the extension I wish to dial.

what about a speed dial key with *80. Nope

But a speed dial key with *80+ does. :slight_smile:

So you would think you could make a speed dial key with *+
idle phone, press the button with *+ and then the dss button. I get voicemail . Good
Incoming call, press transfer and then my button with *+ I get a ** in the screen and then when I press the DSS key it fails because of the extra *
I can’t find where that extra * is getting added. All my prefix locations are blank

So I change the feature code for Intercom call from * to 11
For the button, I program it as 1*+
Now when you press Transfer, the DSS button for transfer 1* you get 11 it’s a match and waits for the next DSS button for the extension.

Why is the PBX doubling the value stored for the speed button only when following the press of the transfer key?

I think this is broken, is it?