Transfer to voicemail invalid extension

I am using DTMF with ##* then the extension. If you dial ##* then the extension, it says that is not a valid extension. I’m pretty sure this worked fine in freepbx 13. I’m on 14 now

Probably conflicting feature code, a call trace will reveal:

I get a lot of deprecated errors and didn’t see anything related. I checked the feature codes and do not see any conflicts

Are you checking if Feature Codes conflict with each other, extensions or both? Remember if you have extension 21 then the direct voicemail dial of *(exten) will be *21 which is going to conflict with the Follow Me toggle of *21.

all my extensions are 3 digits. Example transfer to vm would be ##*110

I just tried, FreePBX 14 Asterisk 13. Works fine for me. Post a call log.

I am using DTMF ##* then extension. Just confirming that is correct? I’ll get you a log

Yes, just ##*101#

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