Transfer to voice mail....with a catch

I have a customer coming on with us from an old Key system.

They had a button that allow them to basically dial ##* and wait for them to dial the extension.

Effectively sending a call directly to someones voicemail, but they only have to type in their ext.

I’m trying to make this work on a polycom vvx411 and FPBX 14.

I’m ok with telling them they will just have to put ##* but thought i’d ask if there is a way to make this a macro.

Some phones you can do this with. I don’t think with Polycom you can. For example with Sangoma you create a DTMF button not speeddial and you put ##*+ which dials and the plus tells it to wait for more input.

Tony I tried this with an S705 (Latest Firmware) and as soon as I enter the extension it Transfers the call but the outside party hears “Your call cannot be complted. Please check the number and try again”

That should work. With Sangoma phones you can also use the app we have called transer to VM that does this for you with a intuitive Phone App.

You have to also add ##* into the dialplan on the Sangoma phone.
Account -> Advanced -> Dial Plan (on a S500)

Also you can setup Sangoma phones so you can press transfer and long press a BLF button for a phone and it will transfer the call to voicemail.

I have not programmed a Polycom phone yet so sorry I dont know much about them.

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