Transfer to Park is rejected

This is an older system on firmware Setup as User & Devices ( I Know) Phones are Yealink T29. I reinstalled the Park module

The customer doesn’t use the Park feature at all until today. One user had used it occasionally with success. All of a sudden it has quit working. We have used Transfer 70, setup a button as Call Park with value of 70 Both methods end with “Your call can’t be completed as dialed” I have not actually seen this, since I am in isolation. You guys have an ideas?

What happens when you dial 70 and 71?
Without trying to transfer.

Share a call trace via pastebin:

70 says the call cant be dialed

71 says there isn;t a call parked there

I’ll get the trace asap

It sounds like there is an issue with dialing 70.

Here is something you can try in case this takes longer to fix than you would like.

We have been using BLFs for specific call parking spots. This allows the BLF to read the hint and turn red when a caller is parked.

To do this, I would suggest setting up 2 BLFs 71 and 72.

The BLFs will allow a user to place a caller on 71 and to pick up from 71, same for 72.

Good idea Alejandro

You are welcome.
Just a reminder, this is simply a workaround.

@lgaetz is correct, to figure out what is going on, a call trace is what you are most likely going to need to do.

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