Transfer to IVR

Is there a way that a user can transfer a call to the IVR/Digital Receptionist?

I have a pre-recorded informational message and it may be handy to be able to call or transfer callers to the recording rather than users saying the same thing over and over.


We have something similar but not quite. I’m sure it would work for you.

Basically you’d want to set up a seperate extension, 4567 or whatever, and create your message.

When a caller calls in, the operator takes the call and sees that they need the info from extension 4567.

The operator:

  1. Hits the pound key to get into transfer mode
  2. Hits the asterisk key * and then the 4567 extension number.

The caller is routed directly to the message.

Works out nicely for us.

Here is one method:

Caveat: The caller will hear one ring

Setup an extension that won’t have a phone attached to it
Create a ring group that includes the above extension
Set the ring group to ring for only 1 second
Set the ring group to fail over to your IVR

You can then transfer to the number you assigned to the ring group, it will ring once, and will then go to the IVR