Transfer to DND Mode and Ringback

Currently when I transfer a phone call to a phone that is in DND mode (Using a BLF Key Transfer) Then it rings right back to me. I want the call to go to voicemail instead.
When I direct call the phone that is in DND mode, it gives me their busy message and gives me their voicemail. I just can not manually or BLF Transfer.

The only way I can transfer a call to voicemail if the caller is in DND mode is to do a manual transfer and hit *XXXX Transfer. This sends the call directly to the extensions voicemail.

Is this the way this is supposed to work?

What you’re looking for is default behavior, are you using Yealink devices? I have a faint memory of discussion here about Yealink having this feature.

Yes, it is a yealink device. Are you saying this function needs to be changed on the endpoint? I have tried that. It uses the same feature codes in the yealink devices from what I have seen as FreePBX. when you turn DND on or off it uses *78 and *79.

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