Transfer to Announcement

What is the simplest way to be able to transfer a call to an announcement. I have looked at setting the no answer destination to the announcement but this is not an option in the list? I had also looked at creating a Misc Application but also announcement is not an option for the destination.

Forgot to tell what version I am running. Freepbx 2.210.62-1.

You could create your announcement and then make a Misc Application. You can then transfer the call to the Misc Application.

I don’t know what to tell you, although you’re running a very old version, announcement as a destination for misc. apps. has been available forever, Ive used it for years!

The only think I can think of is that you haven’t yet created any announcements. Some choices in the dropdown list don’t appear in the list until a subbordinate destination has been created.


Thanks Bill that was it. I had not created the announcement yet and when I did, announcement was an available destination.