Transfer RingTone

Good morning,

I am trying to change the transfer ringtone for Sangoma s705 phones either blind or attended. Using PBXact on-premise with Asterisk 16.15.1.

In Advanced Settings I have changes the values of the alert infos for the two relevant fields. But have not seen any changes from the phones. I have also pushed config via Endpoint Manager, and rebooted several of the phones.

Any ideas on how to accomplish this task?

Thank you!

Are you using a custom ringtone, or you are using one of the Sangoma ringtones?

If a custom ringtone, can you confirm that the ringtone is actually on the phone? You can do so by navigating and selecting that ringtone on the phone.

If it is on the phone, please post screenshots of the relevant settings in EPM and in advanced settings. As well as a call trace via pastebin, see instructions:

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The issue has resolved itself.

After some time it seems like configs seemed to push out when they hadn’t prior.

Not sure why.

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