Transfer problem


We have some problems with the following scenario:

  • CustomerA calls, user1 pick up the phone, customerA wants to speak user2
  • User1 calls user2
  • User2 pick up the phone and get’s user1 and say that customerA wants to speak user2
  • At this time customerB calls
  • User1 wants to transfer customerA to user2
  • User1 is still connected with user2
  • CustomerA is now connected with cusomterB

System specifics:

  • FreePBX Distro version 1.812.210.58
  • SNOM 370 devices

Does anybody know how to solve this problem?

What method are you using to transfer the call, phone buttons? Feature Codes? Operator Panel?

  • User1 uses a function key to call user2 (programmed as BLF, 201|**)
  • The transfer will be done by pressing 2 times the transferbutton on the phone