Transfer of commercial add on through backup?


How does it work for commercial add-on if you need to restore your system from backup n a new hardware due to a major failure of current hardware ? From what I understand after reading few threads on similar subjects it looks like everything will be migrated automatically on new system including commercial licences of addons right ?



Well, as long as you’re taking backups and storing them off server. You could spin up a new server and restore a backup. No need for commercial modules.

As for Advanced Recovery, that is a redundancy solution. You setup PBX A as the primary PBX and then setup PBX B as the secondary. PBX B will, per your schedule, replicate PBX A. At the same time PBX A and B are monitoring each other. If PBX B sees that PBX A is unresponsive, it activates itself as the active PBX. When PBX A comes back up, PBX A will sync itself to PBX B and then take back over.

Licensing is independent of the backup. To ensure your licensing follows from the old installation, the deployment ID on the new must match.

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Thanks for link it’s perfect :ok_hand:

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