Transfer from Remote Softphone Drops Call


Slowly, I’m nailing out all of the issues in my new machine.

Right now, I have a remote softphone working flawlessly. It is a part of the main ring group (so if someone calls in, the softphone will ring).

If I answer a call on the softphone and transfer the call to a virtual extension that has a follow-me set up to call out to a cell phone, the call is dropped. I can; however, transfer that call anywhere within the system itself (actual phones).

This would be handy to have working if we were all out to lunch but had the softphone running on a smartphone. This could allow us to make transfers when we’re away from the office.

I know this can be confusing so I am going to give an example below

I have three phones: 2 cell phones and one softphone

Cell ‘A’ calls the office and rings the main ring group, including the softphone.

Softphone picks up the call up and uses the transfer button, types the extension with the follow-me to Cell ‘B’

Cell ‘A’ hears two fast rings and the call is ended.

I have tested calling the extension with the follow-me and it calls Cell ‘B’ just fine.

I have tried both Blind Transfer and Attended Transfer and a transfer button on the softphone. All drop calls.

It is as if the softphone lets go of the call sooner than the transfer extension is called and the cell can see there’s a call coming in.