Transfer endpoint manager?

Complete newbie here, so please go gentle…

We installed FreePBX 14 on a test machine last week. We kept having problems getting any extensions (Sangoma or Cisco) to be recognised so we bought the commercial Endpoint Manager. We still couldn’t get it working, so we reinstalled using v13 on different hardware and, hey presto, our one Sangoma S300 works fine.

We need the Endpoint Manager to configure the Cisco 7962g handsets that we have but I don’t know how to transfer the purchased module from one server to another. Both the old and new server are still running.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Ian

Excellent - thank you for your prompt reply

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Hold on… Something that Lorne did not point out is that Sangoma Phones are already licensed on FreePBX to use the Endpoint Manager and UCP commercial editions. As long as you are configuring the EPM correctly you should not have any issues with connecting them. All we use now for 95% of our deployments are sangoma phones. The only thing I purchase is the SysAdmin Pro module.

He explicitly stated Cisco

@tonyclewis Yes I saw that, however the way he explained it pushed more towards the concern of Sangoma phones not working with it. Regardless its important for people to know the Sangoma phones are licensed with full functionality. :slight_smile: