Transfer commercial modules

Is there a procedure to transfer commercial models from host to host? We are in the process of testing a move to a new host and a concurrent upgrade of FreePBX 13 to 16. The new system is up and running and I am trying to move the few commercial modules we user (sysadmin and CEPM) so that I can finish configuration (we use SNOM phones and the free EPM does nt handle them apparently). Then I will test the new system and if everything works decommission the old.

You can’t move commercial modules between deployments. What you can do is request a hardware lock reset in the Sangoma portal under the licensing tab for your original deployment and register this new server using the same Deployment ID.

Just be aware that once you reset your hardware lock, your original system will lose access to all the commercial modules and the functionality. You won’t be testing your deployment as much as switching to it as soon as you do this.

Is there a report that lists only commercial modules in use on our PBX?

Check that licensing page on the Sangoma Portal.

I am afraid that I do not understand that instruction.

This is where you have the unit registered and manage the various deployments and licensing:

Thank you.

Is this what you’re looking for? How to Move a Deployment ID to a new PBX - PBX GUI - Documentation

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