Transfer calls by pressing transfer button only

We use Yealink T42S and T46S phones for our clients. Recently, a client asked the following:
every time she receives a call and puts it on hold, she must select a new line before calling another extension. Otherwise it will transfer the call to that extension rather than dial it.
She wants that by default, she should be required to press a transfer button in order to transfer a call. Otherwise, If she were to put a call on hold and then dial another extension or number, it would start a new call for her without the call on hold.
Is this possible and how can we accommodate?

We are running 10.13.66-64bit version of Free PBX

This sounds like a limitation of the phone rather than FreePBX.

I’m trying to figure out a sequence.

So, with the line that’s on hold selected, she tries to dial another phone number. That somehow triggers a transfer. In order to not transfer the call, she needs to select another line, then dial the number. Is her intent to go on to something else while the customer sits on hold being ignored? I don’t really understand the workflow here.

Traditionally, in Asterisk and FreePBX, when this happens, you press “attended transfer” and dial a number. When the person at the other end answers, you talk to them. If they want the call, you press “transfer” again to complete the transfer.

Another way to deal with it is to press “blind transfer”, dial the number, wait for the first ring and hang up.

Another way is to transfer the person to the “Parking lot”, call the person and tell them they have a call on “71” (or wherever the call got dropped in the lot).

Note that none of these work with the on-hold feature, since on-hold implies that you want the call to go into the background until you return to it from this extension. You may be able to reprogram the “hold” button to do one of these things, or you can try to retrain the operator.

The phones have settings for what to do.

I assume this is the same OP on another site where I saw this first and replied.

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