Transfer Calls and Pickup Calls from Parking Lot on Two systems

I am looking to connect two FreePBX phone systems together. Is it possible for System1 to retrieve calls Parked on System2 and for System1 to transfer and park calls on System2? If this is possible what would my routing and shortcodes look like? I also want to make sure the system preserves the existing callerID so when the call is picked up, the user can see who it is.

Thank you!

System-A parking lot = 70-79
System-B parking lot = 80-89

On System-A’s outbound route add a dial pattern of 8X
On System-B’s outbound route add a dial pattern of 7X
Make sure you set the route as intra-company

You should now be able to park calls from System-A on System-B by blind transferring the call to let’s say 81 and then retrieve it on any system by dialing 81. And vice versa with System-B and let’s say 71.

If you want to make use of BLF monitoring, you’ll need to setup something similar to this:


Thank you!

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