Transfer CallerID

On our old trixbox setup we never had callerid passed between transfers. On digging around the internet I see that this may be possible with Asterisk 1.8

I have found various sites and tried all the various options of adding trustpid and sendrpid but I can’t get it to work. We are using IP500 handsets

Can someone give me any advice?


The 500’s are very old and run SIP software that I believe is prior to the RPID header.

It works fine on Polycom 550’s

You also did not list your FreePBX version.

Thank’s for the quick reply.

I’m using the latest Freepbx 2.10 with all the latest updates and patches

It did cross my mind that the polycom’s may be too old but I could not find any proof that they do or don’t support it. Seems a bit of a dark area


It’s not really that dark an area. The last software released for the 500’s was in 2007. The draft for the RPID RFC was not even accepted at this point.