Transfer between 2 freepbx - Digital PRI E1 on 1st box forward all to 2nd box - gateway like


I have a freepbx, PBX1, on a physical server with a PRI E1 card with 15 channels.
I’m setting up a new freepbx, PBX2, on a VM with SIP trunks which shall replace the previous server.

I want PBX1 to act as a gateway (until I get rid of the digital lines) and have inbound calls passed from the server with card to the VM server; PBX1 to PBX2.
I also want to be able to make some outbound calls from PBX2 to PBX1 to E1.
I don’t need extension on PBX1. I migrated all extensions (to user and devices actually. I think it does not matter) to PBX2 already. Internal calls in PBX2 work ok.

I think I have a working setup with a “asymetrical” IAX trunk.
What I mean by asymetrical is that
trunk on PBX1 is set in context: from-digital
while on PBX2 it’s in context: from-internal

Is this incorrect or not ?
I’m no expert and I have found everywhere only setups where context is identical on both servers.

I think it operates the way I want:
inbound from digital is passed as is to PBX2
outbound from PBX2 is passed to PBX1 and follows outbound routes.

Am I missing some important things ?
Is there a simpler way ?


Well for system interconnection by PRI ISDN protocols it contemplate the QSIG signaling (original it support by asterisk) but should check if freePbx support it.
By Qsig mode it could work as you expecting, but if try to connect by other Signalling method it should set one system as net and other as user, otherwise it never connect, so if something not working for debug it could be hard.
By the other way IAX it provide same, but I think more easy.

the easiest way is to have a 2 port isdn pri interface, the service provider using pri_net signalling, the asterisk box pri_cpe
don’t even think about using the freepbx dahdi helper it wont. but when in place, you can forward all or selectively your dids from your provider to the legacy box, conversely, you will be able to route your legacy pbx calls either originally as a straight-through, or redirected to any other trunk you have.

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