Transfer an incoming faxcall from siptrunk to an iaxtrunk


i am running a Sangoma AsteriskNow with Freepbx 14.
The PSTN is connected via Patton SIPgateway to the PBX.
The Patton transfer’s all calls going to DID 29xxx via t38modem to a hylafax, which works fine.
Hylafax detects the DID and forward the fax to different users.

Now the providers stops support ISDN and switches to a SIPtrunk.
The testtrunk is ok and running, but i am unable to receive faxes any more.

If i setup an iaxextension i can receive a fax for ONE DID.
How do i setup with FreePBX to forward an incoming fax via iax to iaxmodem including the DID?

Also i tried the FAQ from iaxmodem and changing the dial parameter, but this doesn’t work, cause you can have only one dialparameter :frowning:

any ideas


after thinking about this i came to the idea setup a iax-trunk and tried to connect iaxmodem to context=from-internal

But there are still some questions:

  • would this be a possible solution?
  • how to setup a trunk with only an inbound authentication (similar to an extension)
  • what is the difference about outgoing and incoming in the iax2 Settings?
    there are this information in the details:


where do i define the username?
what is the “register string” on incoming, shouldn’t this be on the outgoing?

any information?

I’d leave off the username= and password= lines and limit the connection to host=