Transfer active call to voicemail

I have an extension that follows to an external DID, how do I then route that call to the extensions voicemail? When I press ## it says transfer but I can’t dial #ext as that counteracts the ## command.

Under ‘General Settings’ change Direct Dial Voicemail Prefix to *

Now you can dial ## *xxx where xxx is the extension number. You’ll send the caller directly to voicemail.

When I dial the * it cancels the transfer.

Confirmed, same exact issue.

Example, trying to go directly to extension 302 voicemail


gives me the pulsing tone that sounds like a busy signal.

*30 suddenly drops the call, never get to dial the “2”.

My user would like to change the prefix from * for the same reason. Any fix for this?

I’m able to ## transfer to *extension and get to the mailbox without any problem. It could be that your phone itself implements some sort of dialplan. You’ll want to make sure anything like that is turned off.