Transcoding capabilities

Hi All, I need support about transcoding capabilities. I saw freePBX support several transcoding but for AMR-WB do I need to pay anything? What is the point of codecs and patents? May I buy a commercial freePBX with all codec transcoding for free? Or do I need to pay for any licenses = If yes for which codecs ? Thank you very much and I’m sorry for all these questions.

I assume you want AMR-WB because your trunking provider supports it on calls when the remote party is using a mobile phone with VoLTE capability. If not, please describe your application.

Most of these providers will transcode to G.722 and IMO this is a barely perceptible reduction in voice quality. If that is acceptable to you, just set g722 as the first priority codec on the trunk and you should be good to go.

Otherwise, see GitHub - traud/asterisk-amr: Asterisk 13 transcoding module: AMR-WB for an implimentation of AMR-WB. If it works to your satisfaction, contact VoiceAge for licensing. VoiceAge - AMR-WB/G.722.2 .

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