Training for helpdesk

Not sure if this is the correct place to ask…

We have a PBXact appliance on site. I’d like to get some training for my helpdesk staff. Any training done will need to be online and/or self-paced. We won’t be able to send anyone anywhere. Is THE site for training or is there alternative pay-for training available? What’s the difference in training between the PBXact and FreePBX courses? Am I able to track my employees progress at

Maybe doesn’t answer your question directly but I’ve learned a ton about how to administer FreePBX and PBExact from YouTube.

This series alone is great as a foundational staring point:


I think chris’ videos (cross talk) are a great route for self learning.

I agree! I have found great value in Chris’ videos. He explains things very well and demos everything! It’s useful too when he has videos on random products, like video doorbells, for example, and shows the set up for them and testing them out.

Thanks. I’ll share those with them.

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