Training Event in AZ & Good Book?

I was excited to read that there will be an event in AZ. Is there any info about the exact date yet?

Also, for those who have been working with FreePBX for some time, can anyone suggest a really good book? I have the basics down like install, setup, but I want to dig in and learn about many features we are not using. I also do a lot of PHP dev and want to start hooking in and creating!

Thanks in advance!


No book on FreePBX. Jump into the wiki, take a look at the code and join the developers on the Freenode IRC channel or here as you hack out code.

That is what I have been doing so far. I just read that there was going to be an event in Phoenix (I live here, so that is nice) and wanted to see if a date has been set!


The next training session has been announced