Training @ Digium

Does your training coincide with any Digium training? Are there any packages for training on both program Asterisk & Freepbx?

Thank you


The length of the schedule does not allow for having a Digium base training in the same week as the OTTS training. As far as Digium’s participation in our training, they will almost certainly be involved with a part of it. They have contributed to all the trainings we have done so far. (Jared Smith, their Training Director and co-author of Asterisk, The Future of Telephony, taught the ‘Asterisk 101’ section in our last class.

I guess you could always call them up and see if they would offer you a package if you signed up for OTTS and one of their classes in another week. They are licenses to sell seats to the OTTS training though their program as well.