Tragedy strikes the FreePBX family

For anyone who has had the pleasure of working with TJ Stamm from the FreePBX/Schmooze family he unexpectedly passed away this weekend at the young age of 28 while he was sleeping. We will all truly miss him as he filled lots of rolls in FreePBX/Schmooze team.

Please keep his 3 year old son and wife in your prayers as they struggle through these hard times.

Thank You.

TJ was a really good guy. I am lucky to have known him. He was a hardworking guy that was always trying to make life better for his family.

I had the pleasure of having him as a customer at T6 and as a vendor at Schmoozecom. The team here at .e4 will miss him for sure.

Prayers out to the Stamm family.

my prayers go out to TJ’s family for such a tragic loss.

TJ was a great contributor to our project and to so many of the contributions that Schmooze provides to us.

My family and our work family at Micro Advantage also extend to his family and friends. He will be missed by all.

We should have details on a memorial fund either later today or tomorrow for anyone who feels compelled.


Keep us informed. I would love to give to the fund. I wish the best for his family!!

It’s always hard to lose a member of the family, even if the family is virtual. It’s especially tough when the loss is of a young person with a small child. My prayers and thoughts are with the Stamm family as well as with the Schmoozecom family.

May he Rest in Peace

I feel a great affinity to everyone who gives so freely of their time and expertise on the development of FreePbx. Please convey my sincerest condolences to all who were close to him.


For information on how to donate to his Memorial Fund which will be used to setup a College fund for his son Parker please visit