Tracking options on IVR

I’m trying to figure out our average volume for callers coming into a queue via an IVR option. right now a caller can reach our customer service queue from a toll free number directly going to the queue, they can also reach the queue by calling a separate number which goes to an IVR and choosing option 2.

I’m hoping there is something in the call log that I can grep for to see how often calls come in on the IVR and not the direct inbound route.

I’m running freepbx 2.9



No, you need to write a bit of custom code to peg the counter then hand control to the next step. You could then call with custom extensions.

So IVR would point to custom extensions.

Check out the 3rd party module, Call Statistics

This module will give you call count by “extension” between user specified time periods. For this module, I know that ring groups count as an extension, so I suspect that it can count queue calls as well, but not 100% sure on that one.

I don’t think this will solve my issue, I get accurate counts for the queue from the queue_logs what I need to know is how the calls got to the queue log, which it doesn’t seem like this will do.

Thanks though.

I’m going to have option 2 ring queue 3201, it will have no users and a failover destination of 3200. calls come into the IVR press option 2, the caller is in 3201 which gets logged and then rolls over to 3200 after 5 seconds. I can check the queue log for 3201 and get an accurate number. Not the best way I’m sure but I think it will work for this at least.