Trace route for calls

I need to provide a service provider a trace route of the call we are trying to make using their trunk. As a we are un bale to dail out few numbers using their trunk.

How can I pull a trace router of the calls I am making on the freepbx box.

I assume I have to use SSH in to the box and use some commands to get the trace route.

Can someone please provide me the commands and steps to get this done.


log in to shell…

‘asterisk -r’ this enters asterisk CLI
’core set verbose 0’ this turns dial plan logging off
’core set debug 0’ this turns system debugging off
’sip set debug ip x.x.x.x’ where x is source or destination IP you want to capture.

Now place your calls

‘sip set debug off’

Your capture is in var/log/asterisk/full

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Great, once the capture is done.

What command(s) will take us back to the defaults.


The ones at the end of my message turn off debugging, is that what you are asking?