Trace a cell through the system

Is it possible to see how an incoming call progresses through the system. I have several incoming did’s that can terminate at a particular extension and I would like to be able to see how a particular call got to an extension.

I have looked at the report window and I can see the caller id and destination so I can identify the call, but I can not identify the did that was called to get here. How can I figure this out. I know there has to be a more granular way to troubleshoot.


You can put any text in there. Hover over the field and see the tip that pops up.

I do route by did, but several dids end up at the same place.

I actually tried the Asterisk logfiles module, and it had so much stuff that I couldnt parse out what I needed. I guess I will have to try again.

I assume you turn off “sip set debug on” with “sip set debug off”

What is the turn off for “core set verbose 99” when I am done?

Thanks for the help!!!

“99” really means “catch everything” and I believe most of the verbose logging happens only up to level 6 or so? Anyway, you can turn down the volume by issuing “core set verbose” again with a smaller number. I keep mine at 3 by default but you can also set 0, 1, 2, …

Yes, “sip set debug off” will turn the SIP debugging back off.

By the way, if you want to actually see which DID your call came in on when it is ringing at the extension, you can put an identifier in the Inbound Route field “CID name prefix.”

That would help alot. Where can I find the language the CID fields speak. I know there are numerous places throughout the chain that I can modify caller IDs, but I cant seem to find what codes to put in those fields other than just numbers.

Thanks again!

Add the Asterisk CLI and Asterisk Logs modules. Then with the CLI module, you can crank up the logging by issuing commands such as “core set verbose 99” (most verbose) and “sip set debug on” if you want SIP messages.

The logs module shows you what Asterisk is logging, and those lines do include the DID. I am guessing you do not route incoming calls by DID, otherwise you would know what DID is being called.