Total Newbie Installing Orgasmatron 5.1 in Sun VirtualBox 3.1 (running on Ubuntu 9.10 host)

I’m following these instructions:

…to install Orgasmatron 5.1 in a Sun VirtualBox 3.1 (running on Ubuntu 9.10 host).

I got all the way down to the “Configuring FreePBX.” section… When I enter “status”, I see:

pbx.local on - eth0

(This IP address matches something I wrote down earlier in the process about accessing the PBX via )

HOWEVER, when I open a browser and go to

I eventually get “The connection has timed out.
The server at is taking too long to respond.”

What did I do wrong?

The guest machine needs to be set up for port forwarding. This article applies to what we’re trying to do. You will want to forward FreePBX (on port 80 of the guest machine) to localhost of the host machine.

you can replace “ssh” with “freepbx” and instead of forwarding port 22, forward 80.

I WILL WARN YOU not to forward freePBX of the guest to port 80 of the host. I did it and virtualbox was angry with me :stuck_out_tongue:

ask if you need more guidance.