Toshiba CIX and FreePBX Sip Extension to trunk

I have a site I am trying to connect a Toshiba CTX with a FreePBX. I have 16 extensions on the CTX and I am trying to add them as trunks on the FreePBX for talk path. I have 2 FreePBX at my test location Site A has X300 and 301 as extensions and Site B has 2 trunks. I can call from site B to site A no problem, but when Site A call X 300 I get a 1/2 ring then fast busy. I don’t think I have something correct in registration string? or something. We are trying to add the freepbx as a conference bridge center. Where can I get some help on connecting 2 freepbx by sip extensions. This is the only terminations I have on the CTX for the addition of Conference bridge.