TOS question

Reading through the Terms of Service pdf it states the following:
“This service it to be registered to a single PBX/Phone System that belongs to a single company for their internal use only.”

We are looking at implementing a system which will include two FreePBX boxes (1 at each location) connected via an IAX2 trunk. Does this fall into the “single PBX/Phone System” or will we need to purchase 2 SIP Trunks in this scenario?

If this is your only trunking service then I would have some concerns about providing 911 to the second location without a trunk registration, for this reason I would consider having dedicated connectivity at both locations, it’s a small cost to ensure 911 services are available and accurate when you need them.

My understanding of that section of the TOS it is there to keep people from trying to register the same credentials on separate boxes… yes it happens. Of course that would result in incoming calls alternating between boxes depending on which one was registered, our system will report to us when this is detected. If you are just registering your sipstation service on one server I think you will be fine, outside of the e911 concerns I stated above.

Thank you for the clarification and the concern about the 911 service, that makes perfect sense.