Tone signal on outbound call when established

Hello everyone,

We have a FreePBX 15 system in our company, there is one trunk where we are using Asterisk Trunk Dial Options to play an announcement on outbound call using the TtA(custom/outbound message) format.

Everything works fine, but we would like to add one little detail.

When outbound call is established, message is played to the client “Hello, you have been contacted by company ABC. In order to improve our service, your conversation with the operator is being recorded”. While that message is being played, there is silence on the operator side. When the voice recording ends, there is no clear indicator on operator side, that he/she can start talking. The only such indicator is that in the softphone(MicroSIP) while the message is being played, the call status is “Session progress”, and when the voice recording ends, call status changes to “Connected” (view the screenshots below)

While we can work with that, It would be better if there was some DTMF-like tone on operator side as a sign that voice recording ended on client side. Is it possible?

Thanks in advance.

A will accept messages for both sides. For it to work, the phone and the path to it must support early media or you must add the a option to Dial, so that the caller is answered when the callee answers. You would need to make the messages to both sides be the same length.

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Thank you David, for response.

I found out that the softphone that operators use(Zoiper) didn’t receive any early media, there is complete silence until the call is picked up and until outbound message is finished. Then I tried myself on my softphone(MicroSIP) and I did receive a ringback tone, although after client picks up the call, ringback tone stops and there comes silence again(during which the message is played),

so result is that Zoiper fails completely in this case.

MicroSIP kind of works but not completely.

Furthermore, I tried to add an option “r” in Asterisk Trunk Dial Options - TtrA(custom/outbound message). And I(as an operator) did receive the ringback as I wanted. I’m not sure if this option will cause any other inconveniences as I’ve read here - tm1000 , but I think it’s worth trying.

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